How to Harvest and Cook Kale Florets

Kale Florets00

Ok, here’s the deal. Kale, collards, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, kohlrabi – all these amazing, diverse plants have been bred from the same wild cabbage ancestor.

Kohlrabi was bred to make a juicy, swollen stem, and you’ll notice it tastes like broccoli stem because, well, botanically, it pretty much is. Brussels sprouts look like teeny cabbages because they are – the breeding for brussels sprouts was to form heads on the axillary buds of the plant, and for cabbages we bred for one giant terminal bud.
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Tart Cherry Mint Mojito

Cherry Mint Mojito68

Can we talk for a minute about the amazingness of tart cherries? They make the best jam, the best pie, and the best mojito variation I’ve ever sipped.

Now I know what you are thinking. “It’s months from fresh cherry season!” Too true, but thanks to the modern miracle of the deep freeze, frozen tart cherries are available year-round, and work even better than fresh cherries in an application like this, where you specifically want the cherries to break up into a wonderful, juicy pulp.
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Can You Make Liquid Castile Soap from Bar Soap?


When I was recipe testing for the book I ended up making nine or ten batches of cold process bar soap. That is a lot of soap for a family of four.

Normally, I use Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castile soap in many of my personal and home care products, but faced with a glut of all natural, homemade bar soap, I thought perhaps I could melt down and dilute the bar soap, thereby turning it into liquid soap.

Spoiler alert: this does not work. At least, not the way you are hoping it will. But, it does lead to a different and highly useful home care product called Soap Jelly.
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